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Hi and welcome to Pure Intentions, I’m so glad you’re here!

I certainly know from my own experiences about the frustration and confusion with skincare products and all the many varied claims and promises. Having completed a diploma in aromatherapy in 1998 and studying the body and its systems, I found that there are many factors that contribute to having healthy skin. I learnt that many products on the market come from a similar base but are marketed and packaged to create an illusion of promise. Good skin care is not complicated and should be affordable.

I want to help you to understand and work with your skin and body, to empower you to take control of your own skincare regime.¬†There isn’t a right or wrong way to apply skincare products as some sites might lead you to believe, however there are better practices that will see your products be more economical and be more beneficial to you.

“My philosophy is for you to be in charge”

I can suggest the best ways for you to use my skincare range but you have the ultimate say by getting to know your own skin. I’ve placed a lot of knowledge and practice in formulating all of my skincare products, with particular attention to my oil blends, which are made on an individual basis and are not mass produced.

Start creating your skincare regime today. Explore my range of skin care products.

Tracey Carroll
- Pure Intentions Skin Care

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