Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the facial oil on its own?

    Yes, but there are some things to take into consideration. For instance, when changing from a petroleum based product to a natural oil product you may experience outbreaks.

    I suggest slowly introducing the oil and allow time for your skin to adjust. Monitor what is happening to your skin and you may need to add more or less depending on the dryness or outbreaks. Another option is to add three or four drops of oil to your moisturiser, and gradually build up to using the oil on its own. 

    Once you understand your skin you will discover the best way forward and how best to apply.

    I like to ‘seal’ my oil by spraying on the Divine Rose Otto Hydrosol as it has the humectant glycerin in it which attracts water molecules and draws the oil into the skin and therefore aiding the benefits of the facial oil.

  • Can I use facial oil and serum together?

    This is a great combination and I liken this to a double whammy of hydration. A couple of easy options are:

    • Add a couple of drops of oil to your serum and apply.
    • Apply serum, let it absorb then apply your oil over the top
    • Once absorbed apply moisturiser and or Divine Rose Otto Hydrosol.
  • Can I mix and match the 2 skincare ranges (Divine Rose and Vegan range)

    I have designed my products to be interchanged to complement each other.

  • How do I use the Divine Rose Otto Hydrosol and why?

    This product can be used as a toner after cleansing the skin. Use it to ‘seal’ your facial oil and moisturiser or as a refreshing mist. The Divine Rose Otto Hydrosol has the humectant glycerin in it which attracts water molecules and draws it into the skin, locking moisture content in.

  • Can I use the Men’s Facial Oil after shaving?

    Most after shave products contain the astringent alcohol which has a drying effect, so the oil is a great way to sooth and moisturise your skin after shaving.

  • Is there a reason for bottling the oils in the violet miron glass?

    Miron glass has a dark violet hue that only allows violet, ultra violet and infra-red rays to pass through it and by doing so slows down the rate of oxidation therefore extending the life of the product the bottle contains.

    Essential oils are ‘volatile’ meaning they have a life force and contain the energy of the plant. So to honor and help prolong the vital properties of these oils, I have chosen the miron glass as the preferred container.

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